Abc_poem invalid solution

I can’t seem to understand why my following solution to abc_poem is not being accepted. Any tips?

cat input.txt | cut -d ‘,’ -f 1 | cut -d ’ ’ -f 4 | awk ‘length >= 1’


Look at ‘X’.

[This sentence is filler to make the stupid forum software happy.]

Thanks for the quick response Kevin!
What do you mean by ‘X’? I intentionally removed it, is there a unix command that I missed on that line?

I mean, look at the input for the letter X. It’s a bit different.

What do you mean?
I did notice that it’s different, identified that it doesn’t have a command and excluded it, by taking the 4th word before the first comma (and then deleting the blank line). What am I missing?

I just noticed Less and Sort mentioned on lines 13 and 21, are we supposed to extract these too?

The answer they’re looking for takes one command per line, so it doesn’t include ‘Less’, ‘Sort’, or ‘ar’, and does include ‘X’. I agree the problem can be interpreted differently.

Oh, wow, that was horribly unintuitive. Thanks Kevin! works for me now