Allow console entry

It would be really great if the challenges could be completed in the actual UNIX way using your keyboard and shell! That would make this a much more useful introduction to UNIX for new people. Keep the tile option maybe, but actual text input should be an option. It’s not quite UNIX otherwise!

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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the feedback. While I fully understand where you’re coming from, there are multiple reasons why we decided not to go that route:

  1. The Unix Game is not meant to be a “tutorial” on shell programming. It is as much a puzzle game as it is a coding game: some of the questions are challenging precisely because you have only a limited number of commands at your disposal, and most questions would be trivial to solve if you could type arbitrary commands into the console.

  2. Typing in arbitrary shell commands creates obvious security hazards (yes, we could sanitize the input, but it’s still high-risk and error-prone.)

  3. There already exist fun challenges where you can use the full power of your shell, see for example

I hope that clarifies things.

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