Belle - clarifying the notation

It would be nice with a primer on the chess notation being used.

After some digging around, I found that this is abbreviated standard algebraic notation (whatever that means more concretely). In this case, it means that each round is numbered, and otherwise designated by a pair of piece destination addresses: whereto white moves, and whereto black moves. Furthermore:

  • If the piece that moves is not a pawn, it is indicated by a letter preceding the destination address, with the following mapping: K - King, Q - Queen, N - kNight, R - Rook, B - Bishop.
  • If the destination address was previously occupied, the piece indicator (if any) is followed by an ‘x’.
  • If the move is a checkmate, only one move is noted, followed by a #, and an indicator of who won, with the following mapping: 1-0 - white won, 0-1 - black won.

Hi Oleks,

there’s a lengthy challenge description at the top left explaining the notation.

Thanks for playing!

Oooops! I didn’t notice the scroll bar! Wow!