Found solution that is "invalid" to the snake challange

Hello everyone,

I have loved solving these challenges, and have finished them all.

However, my first solution to the snake game, achieved the objective, however it was not detected as valid.


Not complaining or anything, just wanted to let the community know.

Again, i love the challenges, the history, and can’t wait for new puzzles.

See you around!

I had the same problem with my initial solution, and I noticed that both my solution and the solution above enter the apple square from the left. When I tried entering the apple square from below the solution was accepted. I don’t know if you just have to enter from below or if you have to use a specific path.

Thanks for reporting. It seems we currently only check a subset of the valid paths (indeed, those that make the snake approach from the bottom). We will change this to instead check the final position of the snake after running its control script.

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I had some problems with the 2D display, and even if I found the correct solution the snake “jumped”. I’m working on Linux Mint with Firefox 72.0.1 - so everything up to date.