How about a terminal based version?

Greetings & Salutations,

I code in the shell for over 30 years and the game is great fun, thanks! My first Unix was a Cromemco Unix V.2 , back when more was less, vim was just vi and cp had no -r.

The only issue I have is the coding interface - I don’t to touch the mouse when I code. I want a version of the game that uses a terminal so players can get used to working with the CLI, reading docs from man & tldr and use vim to edit the solutions (and seasoned users like me won’t have to touch the wretched vermin).

If there’s interest and I can license the content, I’d be happy to help develop such a version of the game. My plan is to use my open source web based terminal - terminal7 - as a base and use my AWS credits to give players an account on a Linux server (or maybe a Unix V.2 server?).


Hi daonb,

Thanks for the feedback! We have heard this feedback from others as well - people experienced with UNIX just want to input the challenges via CLI. We hear you.

Apart from the security hazards that come with processing raw terminal commands, the main reason we chose to restrict input to the UI blocks is that the Unix Game is as much a puzzle game as it is a coding game: some of the questions are challenging precisely because you have only a limited number of commands at your disposal, and most questions would be trivial to solve if you could type arbitrary commands into the console.

But perhaps what you have in mind is that you would “restrict” your terminal to support only a limited number of commands per challenge. If you can do that, then it might work well.

We would be supportive of ‘mods’ of the Unix Game as long as there is clear attribution back to the original. If it’s useful to you, we could publish the markdown sources of the challenges separately under a liberal license on GitHub.


I didn’t realized that. It probably means I’ll need a bin folder per challenge and a game master to test solutions and send the user to the next challenge by wiring $PATH.

Thanks, markdown sources would be great and I would be happy to add attribution. For clarity, I would suggest using the CC-BY license.

Great! We’ll prepare a repo with the markdown sources and some other game meta-data. This will take some time though since it will have to go through a legal check. We’ll post the link here when it’s available.

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It seems like I’m going to be able to work on putting this together in the week after next (starting on the 13/2). Any chance the game will be released by then?


The game challenges are now available at

@daonb this is the repo I mentioned we would release for anyone to reuse the game challenges in other contexts. It contains the markdown sources of the challenges, along with additional game meta-data, under a liberal license.

If you ever get around to building that terminal-based version of the Unix Game, we would love to hear about it (and help you playtest it).