New challenge in honor of Al Aho and Jeff Ullman's Turing Award

We added a new challenge to the Unix Game in honor of the ACM Turing Award 2020 awarded to Bell Labs alumns Al Aho and Jeff Ullman. The challenge is named regex and lets you have some fun with regular expressions - a computer science concept rooted in programming language theory.

Alfred V. Aho and Jeffrey D. Ullman received their award from the ACM “for fundamental algorithms and theory underlying programming language implementation and for synthesizing these results and those of others in their highly influential books, which educated generations of computer scientists.” Their dragon book remains the “gold standard” textbook to teach the principles of compilers to generations of computer science students.

With the addition of the new challenge, you can now rise to level 13 in the Game. Time to brush up those problem solving skills and reclaim your positions at the top of the leaderboard!

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