New challenges to be released Oct 23rd in conjunction with Unix50

Next week during a big Unix 50th anniversary celebration event at Bell Labs HQ in Murray Hill, NJ we will be releasing 5 all-new challenges for the Unix Game - stay tuned!


I would love to see new challenges! It’s real fun. :heart:

New challenges are always fun ^^ keep up the good work!

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can’t wait to see them…:hugs:
so far i must say this site is really put together very neatly :+1::+1:t5::+1:t3:

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Thanks for the positive feedback and glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

We will be releasing new challenges in conjunction with Bell Labs’s Unix 50th anniversary event, which takes place next week Oct 22-23. On October 23rd we’ll release a set of 5 new challenges for the occasion of the event.


Today we released 5 new challenges for the Unix Game.

Happy pipe puzzling!


Was fun :slightly_smiling_face:,
are your planing for more?

There are no plans for new challenges in the immediate future, but we welcome creative ideas/proposals from the community elsewhere on this forum!

I will try those new puzzles.

Let’s go…