Unix_evolution question5

I believe programs and language are the second-most-frequent 8-character words with 9 appearances each.

But I get this as my result: Try again …Your solution is not valid.

Can anyone help? :thinking:

Thanks :slight_smile:

mind the casing…

Good luck!

OK, got it now!
It was the punctuation and apostrophes … :innocent:

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I found this one troublesome because the accepted answer treats ‘ynathntr’ and ‘Ynathntr’ as different words, and it’s also ambiguous whether proper names count as words.

Could you elaborate a bit on that?
I am getting the same results as cumulus (programs as the 2nd most frequent word) with every combination of orders I am using and I can’t figure out why I my submissions keep getting rejected.

Try to get rid of anything that is not a letter (upper and lower case)…

I’m trying to and so far I have managed to exclude periods, commas, open & close parens from the equation.
But now I’m stuck cause a)there’s no room for more instructions b)there are not many more punctuation blocks available :confused: Am I missing somthing? Should I try with other symbols instead of the ones mentioned above?

Considering how long I spent trying this question myself, I’ll give you a hint: there is a way to filter out everything but letters, lowercase and uppercase, in 1 command. With that approach, it becomes a piece of cake, but you gotta see it :sweat_smile: took me a while

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chilledfrogs, you saved the day!
thanks a lot, I wasn’t even close to seeing it xD

Here’s a hack I put together after being inspired by this question. You can try all kinds of handy UNIX commands: