Unixgame is using GNU sed :)

Try giving sed a negative line number and see what happens.
(Just thought it’s somewhat ironic given what GNU acronym stands for)

Thanks for the nice game , I like that it’s using the real thing (i.e. the real commands, not just some artificial look-alike ones)

Can’t wait for the new challenges!


Good catch! :slight_smile:

Yes, we’re running your pipeline on a modern linux, not an actual original unix. However, we did take care that the commands featuring in the Unix Game mostly (with a few exceptions) derive from the original Unix OS (if you hover over a block, you’ll see the version of unix in which that command first featured in the bottom of the pop-up info dialog)

And of course the most important aspect that we wanted to stress in this game is the versatility of the piping mechanism, which began with Unix.

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I agree that it would be quite difficult to implement it using one of the originals, and you’re right about the pipe, of course. I didn’t notice the “bubble” (mouseover) it’s a nice addition! And I just learned that 4.3 BSD did not have cut, that was quite a surprise.